Tax Reform Seminar / US International Tax Basis Webcast

March 13, 2018By Lucas Horsfall

Congress passed one of the most extensive tax reform packages in a generation.  The latest reform bill has far reaching consequences for businesses and individuals.

In January, the firm hosted a “Tax Reform Seminar” at the California Club, in L.A.  The event was well received and informative for our clients.  We hope to do this again in the future, if you are interested in attending please email

The Tax Reform presentation is available for your review, if you are interested you can download it here.

US-International Tax Basis Webcast in 20 minutes by Leslie Sobol.  Download presentation here.

M&A Around the World

October 18, 2017By Gaurav Malhotra

Global M&A activity saw an increase in 2017.  We are fortunate to members of MSI Global Alliance.  Through this association we can provide our clients access to 250 law and accounting firms around the world.  Our member firms are actively working in advising businesses on both sides of the transactions.  Here is the latest M&A newsletter from our association.


Audits Don’t Appear to Be a M&A Prerequisite Anymore

September 25, 2017By Gaurav Malhotra

We have had the busiest year in our firm’s history performing Quality of Earnings (Q of E) services.  We have worked for Private Equity Firms, Search Funds, sellers, and businesses looking to raise capital.  Certainly, the level of activity in the market has increased.  In addition to that I think that the market is favoring the segment we work in- Middle Market.  Until last year most buyers demanded 2-3 years of audited financials before considering a target. (more…)

Jim Thomas – Building L.A.

February 22, 2017By Lucas Horsfall

Years before he worked with some of the tallest athletes in pro sports as owner of the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise, Jim Thomas helped develop the then-tallest building in Los Angeles, the Library Tower. (more…)

Tax Return Due Dates are Changing

January 31, 2017By Lucas Horsfall

As we get ready for the 2017 filing season there is hope that next year will be better.   Generally for 2016 tax year returns the due dates for partnership returns were accelerated and due dates for C-Corporations pushed back.   As partnerships became more complex, more and more taxpayers filed extensions while they waited to the K-1 forms to arrive. (more…)