On January 1st, 2019, Charles, Blank & Karp merged with Lucas Horsfall.  It was announced by the two managing partners, Mike Amerio and Jim Karp, respectively.  The combined firm will be known as Lucas Horsfall.

Charles, Blank and Karp traces back to a firm founded in Beverly Hills by Max Seiff in the 1920s and operating over the generations under a sequence of names reflecting its succeeding partners.  The firm has operated out of San Fernando Valley for many years.

Jim Karp, managing partner of Charles, Blank and Karp, said that the merger with the larger Lucas Horsfall firm will give his clients deeper in-house resources and experience.  “Over the years we helped launch and enlarge a number of businesses only to pass along their care to much larger CPA firms.  We now have the resources to serve larger companies”, he said.  “With Lucas Horsfall we also have the kind of in-house specialties that only larger accounting firms offer, such as expertise in international taxation.”

Amerio said, “Our merger with Charles, Blank & Karp is significant because it adds to our growing geographical reach.  Charles, Blank and Karp’s generations of relationships with successful businesses and families in Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley, fits hand-in-glove with the personal relationships that have been our strength in the Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley areas where our home office is located.”